7Mesh Outflow Jacket Men's - Black

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7Mesh Outflow Jacket Men's - Black Whether you’re warming up, riding down, or moving... mehr
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7Mesh Outflow Jacket Men's - Black

Whether you’re warming up, riding down, or moving around town, the Outflow uses no-holds-barred materials selection to provide exceptional warmth and breathability. The Outflow offers unprecedented breathability by using finely woven double weave fabrics for the face and backer. These protect against fiber migration (insulation loss through fabric) without the tightly woven or coated face found on most insulated jackets - both of which can result in clammy, wet garments when you’re working hard. Between the double weave layers is super cozy Primaloft® Gold Active, the highest warmth-to-weight ratio synthetic insulation available. Constructed with a ‘baked’ hydrophobic coating that offers exceptional resistance to water pickup, the insulation retains 97% of its dry-rated insulation value even when wet. Supple, light, dry and compressible, the high performance Outflow has a versatile fit that works both on and off the bike.
Designed for high output rides in cold conditions. This jacket is close fitting, provides complete wind protection and is highly breathable.

15d Nylon Double Weave
20d Nylon Double Weave Ripstop
Primaloft Gold 60g Synthetic Insulation
#3 Coil Front Zip


  • Hand pockets
  • Elasticated hem
  • Low insulation underarm panels to increase breathability
  • Highly breathable double weave face and liner fabrics
  • Soft brushed collar and chin guard

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