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Skingrowsback LUNCHBOX Handlebar Bag - Multi Cam Black

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Wir haben von 24. Dezember bis 7. Jänner geschlossen.

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   Skingrowsback LUNCHBOX Handlebar Bag - Multi Cam Black   The... mehr
Produktinformationen "Skingrowsback LUNCHBOX Handlebar Bag - Multi Cam Black"


 Skingrowsback LUNCHBOX Handlebar Bag - Multi Cam Black


The Lunchbox Handlebar Bag sits neatly on almost any flat or drop bar. The two one-wrap straps allow the rider to mount it quickly to their bars and the shock cord toggle wraps around the head tube to reduce movement whilst riding. There are two bar mount options should you need to shuffle one of the straps across to accommodate a bell or computer.

The main compartment has a 3.5 litre cylinder shaped volume suited for jackets, cameras and snacks. This is via the YKK AquaGuard® zip which help shelter the contents from the elements. The main wall has been reinforced to allow the rider to access the bag one handed while riding, very useful for descending. This pocket is finished off with a crescent zipper pull making it easy to grab on rough ground. A solid main wall offers greater performance and reduces movement.

The webbing across the front panel allows the rider to mount a light on the front of the bag. The shock cord assembly is handy for a pump or similar items, use your imagination on this one.

There are two mesh pockets on the side for storing your litter on the move. They are both retained with an adjustable shock cord toggle.

Summary: The Lunchbox Handlebar Bag is 3.5 litres of bicycle carry joy, it’s easy to fit, hardwearing, and functional.

Includes 1 pair of 15mm BLOC Handlebar Bag Spacers.



Weather Resistant 1000D Nylon shell.

0.6mm Polypropylene Main Wall.

Light-weight 70D Ripstop Liner

YKK® AquaGuard Zip.

Reinforced Zip line.

Extended Crescent Zipper Pull.

HD Mesh side pockets for litter.

0.6mm Polypropylene side discs gives shape.

Front Panel Shock Cord Assembly.

Low profile One-Wrap Handlebar Mounts.

Weight: 280g.


Dimensions: 280mm wide x 130mm diameter.


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skingrowsback produces functional high quality carry goods with a focus on the riders specific needs. Our objective is to create the best version of a product possible. We do not design or produce products to a target budget.

With a decade of experience and a solid reputation in the cycle courier scene for hardwearing and functional equipment, skingrowsback has evolved its street utility knowledge towards cycle and adventure sports.

With a broad selection of products for on and off the bike skingrowsback continues to manufacture all of its carry goods domestically in Australia. An extensive colour range offers a unique vibe for those looking for something beyond the standard issue.

The back story: Founded in 2006, Jamie and Catt started hand making backpacks and carrying equipment for local Sydney couriers. With practical working experience on the streets the duo were armed with the technical ins and outs of this demanding job. Being able to design products that work first and look good second was paramount, function followed by form.

Fast forward to the present day and skingrowsback has a much broader appeal. A number of different techniques were discovered in the development of some of the most hardcore courier bags on the planet. This is evident in the overall design aesthetic which holds true to this day.

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