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Big Agnes - Q-Core Deluxe Pillow

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Big Agnes - Q-Core Deluxe Pillow  extrem leichtes, Komfort-Kopfkissen mit... mehr
Produktinformationen "Big Agnes - Q-Core Deluxe Pillow"

Big Agnes - Q-Core Deluxe Pillow

 extrem leichtes, Komfort-Kopfkissen mit Mini-Packmaß

Gewicht: 88g

Größe aufgblasen. 51 x 36 x 12 cm

Packmaß: 11 x 8 x 5cm



 You spend all that time and energy finding the best, temp-rated sleeping bag, pad, and tent, but then what's the likely cause of many a restless night's sleep? The pillow! You roll up a shirt that you sweat in earlier that day and expect to sleep well. Been there? Guessing, yes, and guessing you swore you'd rather bring your enormous, special-ordered orthopedic, 2 kg pillow from home before you'd do that again. No need. The Q-Core Deluxe Pillow uses offset I-beam construction to provide a consistent and stable sleeping surface for your head. With a micro-adjust valve you can control how firm or soft your pillow is, and the four-way stretch nylon fabric is super soft next to skin. At 88 gramms, this pillow is the answer to fully deluxe snoozin' under the stars.


Specs + Sizing

Packed Weight 3.1oz / 88g
Packed Size

4.5" x 3" x 2" / 11 x 8 x 5cm



  • Deluxe Pillow brings the comfort of home to the trail 
  • Minimalist offset I-Beam construction reduces weight and provides consistent stability and comfort
  • Built-in advanced heat reflective technology
  • Antimicrobial treatment inside the pillow prevents microorganism growth
  • Four-way stretch nylon's soft-touch provides a comfortable place to lie your head where ever your adventure takes you
  • Fits in pillow pocket of Big Agnes sleeping bags
  • Stuff sack - included
  • Minimalist low-profile, single port, two-way valve allows for quick and easy inflation and super-fast deflation
  • Inflated Size: 20" x 14" x 4.75" / 51 x 36 x 12cm


Construction + Materials

  • Four-way stretch nylon with high tear-strength and puncture resistance
  • Aviation grade TPU lamination technology for ultimate durability
  • Hand wash, air dry recommended



Pillows - AXL Air, Q-Core Deluxe Sleeping Giant Deluxe from Big Agnes on Vimeo.

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