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Revelate Designs PRONGHORN   Die Lieferzeiten nicht sofort verfügbarer (=lagernder)... mehr
Produktinformationen "Revelate Designs PRONGHORN SYSTEM"

Revelate Designs PRONGHORN


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Ultraleichtes, wasserdichtes Lenkertaschen-System.

minimalistisch und reduziert - dennoch hoch funktionell - nicht nur für den Renneinsatz.


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The Pronghorn is a race focused, lightweight handlebar system for the minimalist bikepacker. Without sacrificing functionality, the Pronghorn is a stripped-down bar mounted carrying system.

The Pronghorn was personally tested and refined by Revelate designer Dustin Eroh on the Arizona Trail Race 750 and a time trial of the Oregon Timber Trail. A key to the system’s performance is a strategically placed fiberglass internal stay that is integrated into both the mounting points and front drybag attachment straps. This is keeps your load from shifting while navigating technical singletrack. Choose from three sizes of waterproof drybags made from ultralight Dyneema® fabric to dial in a system that fits your kit perfectly. Once the Pronghorn holster is mounted, and the Dyneema® drybag is secured, you can rest assured that your gear is not going anywhere.

When standing at the starting line of your next race, or sprinting to the hills on a fast and light bender, the Pronghorn is the most efficient solution for your gear carrying needs.


  • Internal fiberglass stay provides a stable, lightweight mounting platform
  • Dual cam locking straps integrated into handlebar mount secure your load
  • Cam locking head tube strap with EVA foam spacer
  • Removable spacer blocks to allow you to adjust for brake lever clearance
  • Drybag built from Dyneema®, the world's strongest fiber.
  • Dyneema® is ultra light, durable, and waterproof.
  • Includes pocket clips to allow the addition of a front pocket.


The rule of thumb is to keep a lighter load on your handlebars for the better handling. The small / medium are best for ultra races in warm climates and multi-day singletrack trips. The large is specifically designed for winter trips to fit a sub zero sleeping bag. Bigger is not better; choose the smallest bag you can get away with. The medium is the most versatile size.

Disk or V Brake only - NOT compatible with Cantilever or road style front brakes with a vertical exposed cable.

Dimensions (HxWxL) of a closed bag with 4 rolls at closure:

  • Small - 4.5” x 6.5” x 16.5” (11,43 x 15,24 x 41,91cm)
  • Medium - 5.5” x 7” x 19” (13,97 x 17,78 x 48,26cm)
  • Large - 7.5” x 8.5” x 24” (19,05 x 21,59 x 60,96cm)

Made in USA with domestic and imported materials.


  • Weight: Weight without optional pocket clips: Small 6oz, Medium 7oz, Large 8oz With pocket clips: Small 7 oz (199g), Medium 8 oz (227g), Large 9 oz (256g)
  • Volume: Volume: Small - 7.5L; Medium - 11L; Large - 23L
  • Materials: Holster - Revelate exclusive VX21Blue; Drybag - Dyneema® composite 3oz (85g) hybrid
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