MissGrape BUD Front pack

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MissGrape BUD Front pack The Bud can be mounted between the handlebars and the stem via two... mehr
Produktinformationen "MissGrape BUD Front pack"

MissGrape BUD Front pack

The Bud can be mounted between the handlebars and the stem via two velcro straps and then fixed on the fork crown with an additional strap. This triple mounting assures excellent stability.

Internally, there is light padding which not only protects the contents from minor impacts, but also acts as a thermal insulation (an advantage when used to carry a water bottle). Suitable for small items or snacks, especially those that are needed frequently as the bag can be opened and closed “on the go” whilst pedalling. On the outside of the Bud there are additional netted pockets, for small items such as sun cream, used wrappers and other small items.

The Bud can be used alone or in pairs, it may be positioned at both the right and left side of the handlebar stem. Such versatility and compatibility ensure that the Bud is suitable for . Use on any type of bike.

Technical Specifications:

  • available colour speckled black
  • nylon fabric 420/300 polyester with polyurethane coating, waterproof
  • nylon plastic accessories

The Bud are exclusively Made in Italy and are certified according to REACH regulations (CE) no. 1097/2006


  • diameter: 9 cm
  • height: 15 cm
  • volume: 1 Lt.
  • weight: 88 g.

Suggested Use:

The Bud is the ideal bag for those easy to reach items that might be needed frequently during a ride. Water bottles or thermos fasks easily ft inside, as do camera lenses, keys, energy bars, etc.

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