Revelate Designs - Vole 26mm

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Revelate Designs - Vole 26 - Satteltasche kompakte, kleinere Bikepacking Satteltasche,... mehr
Produktinformationen "Revelate Designs - Vole 26mm"

Revelate Designs - Vole 26 - Satteltasche

kompakte, kleinere Bikepacking Satteltasche, speziell für absenkbare Sattelstützen.

Sattelstützenklammer Durchmesser (stanction diameter): 26mm

passend für absenkbare Sattelstützen von z.B. Thomson, Fox.

neues Indie-Rail Befestigungssystem reduziert deutlich seitliches Schwingen der Satteltasche ohne zusätzliche Hardwear.

Wolf Tooth Valais - Sattelstützenklammer muss mit Dropperpost

Bitte beachten: bei voll eingefedertem Hinterbau muss zw. Sattelstreben und Reifenoberkante ein Mindesabstand von 15cm vorhanden sein.

 Die Lieferzeiten nicht sofort verfügbarer (=lagernder) Artikel kann bei Revelate Designs Produkten von der Standard-Lieferzeitangabe im Onlineshop ggf. abweichen - bitte Verfügbarkeiten per Email anfragen.

The Vole is designed for modern full-suspension bikepacking trips when using a dropper seat post. (if you still have enough tire clearance) It features several innovations to stabilize and compact the load without adding any external hardware. The Vole carries just enough to accommodate a minimalist kit for trips focused on the ride.

A key feature is our Indie-Rail attachment system. This a progression from conventional bikepacking bag mounts where the rail straps are fixed to the top-center of the bag. With Indie-rail, each rail is cinched down to the sides of the bag greatly reducing bag sway without any additional hardware. We combine this with a rigid internal structure and active camming buckles to prevent straps from loosening and slipping on rough terrain or wet conditions.

The bag is stiffened on all sides including an external plastic bottom sheet which protects the bottom of the bag and a composite internal top sheet which provides a solid and stable platform for the strap points. For full and heavy loads, an included strap is hitched around the saddle rails to use with the rear compression metal hook. This adds significant vertical stability due to the higher attachment point than the one on the bag itself.

For use with a dropper post - you must use the included Wolf Tooth Valais clamp.

Due to space constraints where the bag mounts, we only advise using the Vole without the Valias clamp (normal seatposts) on mellow terrain such as gravel and road cycling.

Compatiable with Cirrus Cycles Body Float suspension seatposts (without using clamp).


  • Indie-Rail attachment system and active camming hardware.
  • External plastic bottom frame sheet.
  • Aluminum hardware at high stress points.
  • Composite internal frame sheet.
  • Foam stiffened side panels

Important Notes:

A minimum of 6" of clearnace is required from the tire to bottom of saddle rails. This varies slightly due to bike geometry and how good of a packing job you do. Checking tire clearance with dropper post and full suspension travel is mandatory prior to use. Bag contact with a tire can cause a bad wreck and generally ruin your day (and gear!). Tire damage to the bag is not covered by warranty.

Although designed for use with dropper posts, we make no claim or assume any liability for your post's performance, increased maintenance needs or warranty coverage when using this bag. Please evaluate how your system works well before a planned trip.

Post Clamp Sizing (stanction diameter):

25mm - Easton, Giant, KS, RaceFace, RockShox, Specialized, 9Point8

(26mm - Thomson, Fox)


  • Weight: 11 oz Bag only 13 oz - Bag with Clamp
  • Volume: 2-7 L

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