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ZIPP G40 XPLR - 700x40c - Tubeless Ready

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  The Zipp G40 XPLR is a wide (40mm) tire designed for control, which in gravel... mehr
Produktinformationen "ZIPP G40 XPLR - 700x40c - Tubeless Ready"


The Zipp G40 XPLR is a wide (40mm) tire designed for control, which in gravel translates into higher overall speed. In developing this tire, Zipp began with a chevron center-tread pattern for speed which transitions to an inverted soccer cleat design and added XC-style knobs on the edges for the ability to dig in when you need it. Durability was crucial. The tire’s casing and bead-to-bead puncture protection strip navigates the fine line between supple and stiff so that grip and performance do not suffer while making an incredibly durable gravel tire. The tire’s 40mm width was carefully selected to be most effective with its tread pattern while also fulfilling riders’ evolving preferences for wider tires for gravel events and off-pavement riding. It’s just what you need for gnarly all day riding. It performs exceptionally well with Zipp’s widest and most versatile rim, the 303.


  • High performance gravel and adventure tire
  • Aggressive cornering side knobs for excellent control
  • Fast rolling center section
  • Bead-to-bead puncture protection strip
  • 30-65 psi
  • Tubeless Ready, tube compatible
  • Hookless compatible
  • ETRTO 40-622 (700x40c)
  • 127 TPI
  • Tan sidewall
  • Aramid® bead to bead puncture protection which is very resistant to sidewall cuts
  • Hookless compatible
  • Weight 480g

TIRE SIZE - 700x40

TIRE TYPE - Tubeless Ready

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