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e*thirteen TRS Plus Dropper Sattelstütze, 30.9mm, 150mm, black

e*thirteen TRS Plus Dropper Sattelstütze, 30.9mm, 150mm, black
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  • SP1TPA-100
Teleskop-Sattelstütze mit mechanischer Feder und Stealth-Kabelführung Mechanische... mehr
Produktinformationen "e*thirteen TRS Plus Dropper Sattelstütze, 30.9mm, 150mm, black"
  • Teleskop-Sattelstütze mit mechanischer Feder und Stealth-Kabelführung
  • Mechanische Kabelanlenkung mit ergonomischem Hebel im "Shifter-Style"
  • Zuverlässig und einfach zu Warten
  • Hub: 150mm
  • Vierstufiger Verstellbereich: 150mm (Climbing Mode), 110mm (Cruiser Mode), 75mm (Control Mode), 0mm (Downhill Mode)
  • Federvorgespannter Sperrmechanismus
  • Kompatibel zu SRAM Matchmaker
  • Durchmesser: 30.9, 31.6mm
  • Gewicht: 590g (inkl. Hebel, Kabel und Hülle)
  • Remote-Hebel, Kabel und Hülle im Lieferumfang enthalten


Few products have changed mountain biking like the dropper post. The simple act of raising and lowering your saddle on demand makes riding more fun and has allowed for the rapid progression of modern trail and enduro bikes; however, reliability problems have plagued dropper posts since their inception. Many require elaborate or even factory service for simple problems adding to time off the bike. Simplicity, reliability and durability are the three pillars of the TRS+ seatpost design.

Key Features:

  • Full Mechanical Design - Remember how much you enjoy bleeding your brakes? You don’t need that kind of aggravation from your seatpost. A heat-treated, cable actuated cam reliably and consistently locks the post into one of four positions.
  • Coil Sprung for Reliability - Less maintenance than air sprung posts with a smooth, consistent return speed every time, for the life of the post.
  • Shop Serviceable - Total disassembly is possible using common bike tools. No nitrogen charges, no suspension fluid.
  • Set it and forget it - Always know your saddle height with 4 fixed modes.
  • Shifter Style Lever - All the work we put into the post would be lost if it wasn’t activated by a fantastic lever. Sealed against the elements and pivoting on cartridge bearings, our shifter style lever offers loads of adjustment and is matchmaker compatible for excellent ergonomics. The cable is clamped at the lever, allowing for easy set-up and adjustment as well as simplified removal of the post for travel or repair.
  • What's in the box: Post, lever, cable and housing


  • Diameters: 30.9 or 31.6
  • Travel: 125mm, 4 postitions 125-95-65-0 / 150mm, 4 positions 150-110-80-0
  • Mechanism: Spring loaded cam
  • Lever: Shifter style paddle, bar clamp and matchmaker compatible
  • Colors: black
  • Weight: 570g - 150mm (post only) / 490g - 125mm (post only) / 65g - 1x lever
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