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PDW Full Metal Fenders - 45mm city size

PDW Full Metal Fenders - 45mm city size
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  • PDW-309
  Made of anodized aluminum and adorned with laser graphics and an embossed alloy head... mehr
Produktinformationen "PDW Full Metal Fenders - 45mm city size"


Made of anodized aluminum and adorned with laser graphics and an embossed alloy head badge, the Full Metal Fenders are a beautiful complement to any bike. They provide full-wrap coverage, even shielding your shoes and riders on your rear wheel thanks to sturdy rubber mudflaps. Safety release tabs ensure your wheels keep turning even if debris gets lodged between the fender and tire.

The City size Full Metal Fenders - City Size are designed for touring and CX bikes with 700x35 tires maximum. They come with all necessary hardware to mount to bikes with brazed on eyelets. Available in matte black, gunmetal, and polished silver.

Not sure of size or fit? Check out our Full Fender Fit Guide for reference! 
Special hardware to ensure a perfect fit is available in our Custom Fender Fit Collection

If your bike has disc brakes, don't forget to pick up a set of spacers for the ideal fit.

Looking for all black fender stays? Add a set of the Black Full Metal Fender Hardware to go into stealth mode. Current model black fenders come with black stays.



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PDW - Portland Design Works
In 2008, we scraped together everything we had to live our dream of starting a brand that develops simple, quality bicycle accessories for everyday riding. Portland Design Works was born.
We chose Portland as a home for our company because the city and its cyclists inspire us every day. What we learn here, we can bring to market everywhere: your bicycle can be part of your everyday life. 
Our products are designed by considering not only how to make what is already on the market better, but by becoming students of the details. We consider cost, efficiency, aesthetics, durability, and rebuildability. We also take fun into account, and at the end of the day that is why we are in this business.
We think we've come up with some great stuff. Hope you enjoy it.

Have fun,

The PDW Crew

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