Race Face Seatpost Turbine, 30.9x400mm - Black

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Race Face Sattelstütze Turbine, 30.9x400mm - Black Overview The Turbine seat post sets... mehr
Produktinformationen "Race Face Seatpost Turbine, 30.9x400mm - Black"

Race Face Sattelstütze Turbine, 30.9x400mm - Black

The Turbine seat post sets the standard for lightweight performance aluminum posts. Featuring an innovative, patented head design that offers maximum adjustability while minimizing weight.



  • Low profile rail clamps with shorter bolts improves clearance for the riders legs.
  • Forged & CNC machined from 6061 aluminum, the seatpost head is incredibly strong & fatigue resistant.
  • Patented head design is lightweight & distributes loads more efficiently than conventional seatpost head designs.
  • Offers unprecedented adjustability - with infinite tilt adjustment completely independent from the fore/aft adjustment.
  • Side clamping rail system distributes loads to the clamp, rather than the bolt, virtually eliminating the possibility of broken bolts.
  • The head accommodates 7mm & 8mm rails while providing 35mm of rail support.
  • Features a ½” rearward offset.


  • The seatpost tube is manufactured from 7050 heat-treated aluminum for optimal strength to weight ratio.
  • Race Face's triple butting design maintains strength in critical areas while reducing overall weight.
  • The tube is anodized & shot peened for increased fatigue life.


SIZES: 27.2, 30.0, 30.9, 31.6mm
LENGTH: 400mm
WEIGHT: 250g (30.9mm)
COLOUR: Bad Ass Black

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