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MAHLE Pulsar ONE Display

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Wir haben am Montag, den 31.Oktober 2022 GESCHLOSSEN.
  • MA-70300002
  Display für X20, X35- und X28-Systeme mit Anzeige von: Uhrzeit, Batteriestand,... mehr
Produktinformationen "MAHLE Pulsar ONE Display"


Display für X20, X35- und X28-Systeme mit Anzeige von: Uhrzeit, Batteriestand, Systemstatus, Assit-Level, Geschwindigkeit, Reichweite und mehreren weiteren sekundären Info-Optionen.

  • Verbindet sich mit dem System über ANT+ options.
  • Kompatibel nur mit X20, X35 und X35+ ebikemotion Systemen mit ANT+ (bei älteren Systemen bitte prüfen - bei älteren Batterieversionen muss die ANT+ Schnittstelle ggf. nachgerüstet werden)
  • kompatibel mit Garmin Halterungen
  • inkl. Schutzfolie (Panzerglas) für Display
  • Displaygröße: ca. 4,2 x 3,5 cm
  • Lieferumfang: ein Display, ohne Lenker-Halterung, inkl. Batterie CR2032
  • Die Lenkerhalterung muss zusätzlich bestellt werden. ( Mahle PulsarOne HOLDER TOP  oder Mahle PulsarOne HOLDER SPORT )

Link zum User-Manual / Gebrauchsanweisung: click here




Alongside the launch of their spectacular Orbea Gain 2021, MAHLE also released another new
innovative electric and hybrid bike product onto the international market: the Pulsar ONE
smart display.
A high-contrast wireless display that not only provides you with precise and detailed
information about each of your rides, but also enables you to view the additional information
produced by the bike’s electric system, in a clear and simple way. One of the best features of
this display is its minimal energy consumption and long-life battery, so you won’t have to
worry about your battery running out each time you go on a ride.

The Pulsar ONE was designed to work perfectly with the iWoc ONE “all-in-one” control button,
so you can access all the information related to your system and your ride directly from your
handlebars. It also provides additional safety for the rider, as you can now change the assist
level or turn on the lights comfortably and safely from the Pulsar ONE display, with barely any
need to move your hands from their natural position on the handlebars. Pulsar ONE offers an
IP67 rated water and dust resistance, making it the ideal accessory whatever the conditions.
This smart display is also an ANT+ device, meaning you can connect almost any kind of
compatible sensor and integrate it into the system. Heart rate monitors, cadence sensors,
pedal sensors and various other devices can be connected simultaneously and wirelessly, to
maintain the clean design of your bike. The additional information provided by these new
sensors integrated into the system can be viewed on the PULSAR ONE screen.


MAHLE has developed two options to enable you to fix the display perfectly to your
handlebars. There is the sport mount, which is designed to avoid affecting the aerodynamic
properties of sports bikes, and also the urban mount, which is much more practical and
functional, perfect for any cyclist. Pulsar ONE is also compatible with other attachment systems, such as Garmin®.

The new display for MAHLE eBikes is compatible with all X35+ and X35 MAHLE ebikemotion
systems, but for older versions you will need to update the system for ANT+ connectivity with
MAHLE GXA. Check with your regular distributor to ensure an optimum integration of the
display into your system.


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