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Produkte von 7Mesh



We stress about everything. Every seam, every stitch, every fraction of a gram. Everything. Weight, durability, comfort, and function are optimized in every product. We’re absolutely dedicated to making everything as close to perfect as possible. We really do believe that a job worth doing is worth doing well.

We also design each piece to excel on its own, and try to make it function even better when used with other pieces in our collection.

As a result, our products tend to have a few things in common. No matter if you are fully outfitted in 7mesh or have just one or two pieces, you can expect our products to be:






Every 7mesh product embodies our design ethos: Streamline design and deliver simplicity without compromise. Remove, rather than add, to achieve our goals.

While our design ethos focuses on simplicity, our design process is complex and iterative. We start with the best materials we can find. We study every aspect of how they perform and react, manipulating them by hand, step-by-step. We pattern, cut, sew, laminate, tape, punch, press, wear, ride, wash, review, repeat. These incremental steps yield progress, inspiration, discovery and occasionally, with enough dedication and resolve, a major breakthrough.


We put equal effort into making quality products for both men and women. (In fact, the first 7mesh pattern ever built was for our women’s Revelation jacket.) We build from the ground up, employing the same design and engineering ethos in everything we make so that everyone gets high performance for their particular needs.

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7Mesh Strategy Jacket Men's - Ash
Softshell Jacke
€ 149,95 * € 298,00 *
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