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In the beginning, over apres beer...

The Lauf Forks idea was born over a cold bike-ride aprés beer in a cramped basement apartment in Reykjavik around Christmas-time 2010. Avid mountain biker and engineer Benedikt Skulason, at the time working as an R&D engineer for a high-end composite prosthetic feet company, pitched his idea of a super-light revolutionary bicycle suspension fork to his good friend and industrial designer Gudberg Bjornsson.

The idea was born

Surrounded by high-tech composite materials and technology at work and turning them into extremely strong and durable high performance prosthetics, while taking part in bike races in the off hours. This was just the right mix for the Lauf seed to start germinating. Benedikt soon realized that he happened to have the right ingredients for ultra-lightweight bicycle suspension, and consequently the Lauf fork idea was born! The Lauf fork is a revolutionary twist on the well known and proven “leaf spring suspension” concept, combined with today's high performance composite materials.

First race - First place!

On June 27th 2013, we reached a true milestone in our existence as a bicycle component company, when Helgi Berg took 1st place in the very first race the Lauf Trail Racer fork entered. The contest took place on the tracks of Heidmork, a popular outdoors area at the border of Reykjavik, Iceland, our home turf. Close to 100 people entered the race.

The benchmark fork for super-fast hardtails

Fast forward to this date, the Lauf Trail Racer fork is ridden by racers and enthusiasts all around the world. The incredibly positive feedback we have received from our customers and bike media in both Europe and US (REVIEWS) is making the Lauf Trail Racer the benchmark fork for super-fast lightweight hardtails. In short, our customers and the media have verified that we have achieved everything we set out to when designing the Lauf Trail Racer. We love what we do at work, and we love that our customers love it too!

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