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Restrap FRAME BAG - Large

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The #carryeverything frame bags allow you to easily increase the load you carry for comfortable... mehr
Produktinformationen "Restrap FRAME BAG - Large"

The #carryeverything frame bags allow you to easily increase the load you carry for comfortable bike packing and touring. With no mounts or screws, the bags come in three different sizes to suit any frame. With YKK zips, textured nylon outer and VX21 fabrics, our Frame Bags are tough, durable and versatile. Rubberised strapping provides extra grip to the frame and reflective paracord zip pulls give additional security. Inner mesh pockets keep you organised whilst on the road and the medium and large bags contain an additional document pocket. An extra cable slot is provided for dynamo cabling.

Gewicht: 240g

Volumen: Large 4.5L

Größe: L50cm x H15cm x D6cm


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We are Restrap, a family-run business specialising in hand-made outdoor accessories.

Life began in a back bedroom in 2010. From a single sewing machine, founder Nathan made pedal straps, firstly for himself, then for his friends. Interest grew, so did Restrap, and Nathan branched out to develop the full range of bags, luggage and accessories available today.

The back bedroom quickly became too small. Today Restrap occupies a large workshop in Leeds, and has become a close-knit team of machinists, designers, family and friends.


Here at Restrap we’re proud of our Yorkshire roots and the landscape that inspires our  brand. We’ve invested in top-notch machinery to ensure our products continue to be made by hand, in the UK, using sustainable materials and local labour.

We’re a team of outdoor enthusiasts. When we’re not sewing, we’re out and about putting our products through rigorous testing, getting ourselves and our stuff as wet, muddy and well-used as possible.

You can be confident that everything we make is finished to the highest standard and adjusted for the best user experience.


We’ve one simple mantra: “design, build, ride”.

Every product starts as a simple idea. Is there a gap in the market? We’ll fill it. It’s sketched, prototyped, created, adjusted and tested until we have something the team is happy with.

We aim to invent, improve and innovate - not just reproduce what is already available.



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