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Apidura RACING SADDLE PACK DRY (7L) Die erste Satteltasche speziell für ultralangstrecken... mehr
Produktinformationen "Apidura RACING SADDLE PACK DRY (7L)"


Die erste Satteltasche speziell für ultralangstrecken Rennen und Audax Veranstaltungen.

  • Minimalistisches Design
  • 7L Volumen
  • für leichte, komprimierbare Gegenstände
  • wasserdicht
  • Gewicht nur 210 Gramm
  • stabile Montage in ergonomischer Position, unter dem Sattel
  • minimale Bewegung der Tasche durch solide 3-Punkt Befestigung
  • ideal für Rennrad- oder Gravelbiker, die unterwegs nur das Nötigste mitnehmen möchten.


The Racing Saddle Pack is the first rear pack dedicated to ultra-distance competition and audax. Featuring a sleek design with a compact capacity, the Pack is ideal for storing light, compressible items over vast distances.

Constructed from an ultralight, waterproof laminate developed for Apidura. The Pack weighs less than 210g and securely fastens with a sturdy three-point attachment system. It’s designed to fit ergonomically under the saddle, minimising sway and reducing drag.

Light attachment points are laser-cut into the fabric, increasing rider safety without adding unnecessary weight. A high-contrast reflective feature is specially designed to enhance visibility in all light conditions.

A roll-top closure provides adjustable capacity, and tailored webbing, straps and buckles shed extra weight, while ensuring the simplest setup for ease of use, when every second matters.


  • Overall low weight less than 210g
  • Constructed from an ultralight waterproof laminate, developed specifically for Apidura
  • High-contrast, reflective graphics for increased rider safety
  • Integrated light attachment point for increased visibility
  • Roll-top closure for adjustable capacity
  • Integrated thermoset material adds stiffness and strength


  • WEIGHT: 210 g
  • DIMENSIONS: L1 MIN: 29,5cm, L1 MAX: 39,5cm, L2: 4cm, H1: 18cm, WIDTH 16 cm

Be sure to follow the clearance advice below to ensure the best possible fit for your Saddle Pack.

If possible, flip the seat post collar so that the bolt is on the opposite side of the post to the Saddle Pack. This will ensure that the base of the Pack avoids wear and tear.

  • CLEARANCE: C1: 18cm, C2: 5cm


The Racing Saddle Pack is made from Hexalon, a bespoke laminated fabric developed specifically for Apidura. Designed to fit the demands of ultra-distance competition and audax, the material is waterproof and lightweight, with strong tear and abrasion resistance.

The attachment points are reinforced with Hypalon, a durable rubberised nylon that provides extra protection against friction and puncture. For the fastening system, we’ve chosen Woojin buckles for strength and reliability.


Wash by hand, using a mild diluted soap if necessary. Afterwards, let it air dry.

Do not machine wash, machine dry, or iron.

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