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Kuroshiro Enso 950 carbon 29+ rim, 50mm wide, 32 holes

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  • ENSO950
Kuroshiro Enso 950 carbon 29+ rim, 50mm wide, 32 holes ultraleichte 29+ Carbon Felge... mehr
Produktinformationen "Kuroshiro Enso 950 carbon 29+ rim, 50mm wide, 32 holes"

Kuroshiro Enso 950 carbon 29+ rim, 50mm wide, 32 holes

ultraleichte 29+ Carbon Felge
Gewicht: 390g (+-5%)
  • Size: 29" diameter, 50mm width
  • Weight: 390g (+-5%)
  • Spoke holes: 32
  • Valve hole: 6mm
  • Material: super high module Toray composite
  • Tension: 90 -> 110kg
  • ERD: 599,5mm
  • ISO 622
  • Max Pressure: 1,8 bar - 26,0 psi
  • color: black - white decal
  • rider weight limit 90kg - maximales Fahrergewicht 90 kg
  • darf nur mit Sapim Poliax Speichennippel eingespeicht werden

enso685 is a new generation 85 mm wide fat bike composite rim.

This product has been created in partnership with Alchemist® Engineering, an Italian company specializing in custom made composite components. ens?685 is 100% Made in Italy.

The basic goal when enso685 was defined in 2012 was to produce an 85mm. composite fat bike rim with an effective weight below 399 grams: as you will see after reading “40 Below” technology, the goal has been achieved.

Wheels in fat bike technology impact ride quality and performance in proportion to their dimensions. There is a massive weight advantage in tubeless technology due to the dimensions of the fat bike tube. In addition, fat bike tire pressures are lower and the ability to run tubeless is important to optimize grip in critical conditions and reduce rolling resistance.



Technical features

SP-line ® (patent pending)85 mm. rim width is today the optimal compromise between weight, tire stability and compatibility with virtually all fat bikes. The open rim shape (not based on a box section) has a structure similar to that used in wheels on cars, motorcycles and trucks since the start of last century.

F1 racing cars started using non-box section composite rims decades ago with impressive advantages in weight and performance. Kuroshiro engineers realized that a spline connecting the high-stress points of the rim (the offset spoke holes) is impressively efficient. This design is now Patent Pending and increases rim stiffness more than 18% with a limited weight penalty compared to non-splined designs.


2. Allterra design

Some fat bike rims eliminate the bead lock to save weight. In theory, this does not compromise performance and safety, but this is only true on soft ground. Kuroshiro engineers decided to keep the bead lock in place. The bead lock construction is obtained with a proprietary process optimized by Alchemist®. This process creates an extremely strong and precise bead lock. Kuroshiro keeps the bead lock to guarantee the strength and impact resistance necessary to deal with roots, rock gardens and jumps on solid ground. enso685 are not designed to only ride in snow or sand.

The goal of Allterra design is to have a high performance fat bike rim able to deal with any terrain, any season, resisting the impacts that will chip or dent a design without a bead lock. With enso685, Kuroshiro creates a stronger design for a more confident, inspired feel, that transates to faster rides.

3. Reinforced spoke interface

enso685 has a very strong spoke interface. A special design is used to put more material where the spoke holes are placed, to distribute stress more efficiently. This design completely eliminates the need for reinforcement washers, allowing enso685 to support higher spoke tensions, while reducing weight and complexity.


The ability to support extremely high spoke tensions allows the use of both ‘standard’ spokes or special ultralight spokes designed to work with very high tensions: the weight saving using super high tension spokes can save 70 grams per wheelset.

A set of wheels built with light fat bike hubs, high tension spokes, alloy nipples and enso685 rims has a weight below 1,600 grams, which is on par with racing 29 inch XC wheels.

4. 40 Below technology.


40 Below will probably be the most discussed feature of Kuroshiro enso685’s unique design. The reinforced spoke area is so strong and precise that it’s possible to design a rim-nipple interface that is ‘almost’ sealed.

Under tests in various conditions enso685 with no sealant and no tape takes more than 7 minutes to deflate. Considering the low tire pressures involved, and the amazing efficiency of modern sealants, enso685 finally offers a Tubeless Tapeless design. The proprietary SP-line® design, with spoke holes optimized to match the nipple shape, combined with high quality sealant creates a seal between the rim and the nipples.

Kuroshiro enso685 is 100% made in the Alchemist® factory not far from Venice, Italy.Exactly like other Italian composite ‘toys’ (Ferrari and Lamborghini for example), this doesn’t come cheap: recommended retail price per rim is 899 €.Kuroshiro offers a two year warranty on enso685 and a comprehensive crash replacement policy.




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